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How much do plans cost?

There is a wide variation to the cost of plans.  The costs for each project differ in size and scope relative to the project.  All labor services are billed per hour.  We will meet with you at our office initially to discuss your specific project at no charge.  We will then develop a proposal of needed services to complete the design process.  The proposal or contract will include the costs to produce the construction documents needed for bid, permit and construction.


Do you come to my house or building lot?

Yes.  We ask you to come to our office for the first meeting.  This meeting is at no charge.  We gather the information we need to produce a proposal of our services based on your project. It is also an opportunity to see our work.  If an initial meeting is required at your residence we can schedule a meeting- it will be billed at the current hourly rate. Once a proposal is accepted, site and field visits are normally scheduled as part of the contract.


What do I need to bring to our meeting?

  • Your ideas…. Remember you have a budget- establish how much money you want to spend on your project.  We cannot determine between that which one can afford and that which one likes.  You know your lifestyle better than anybody.  We need to know what you like or dislike about your past residence or what you would like to change in your existing home.

  • Pictures…..they say a thousand words

  • Plans and Sketches… any existing plans of your home or (addition projects) or plans you have seen online or in magazines you would like to incorporate into your design.

  • Plot Plan –Additions – You should have received a copy when you purchased your home.  If not, contact your local building department to see if they have a copy on file.  You will also need to ask them for your required setbacks (distance t he structure must be placed off the property lines).  New Construction – request a copy from the developer along with any building covenants requirements and required setbacks.

  • Site Utilities – Septic or Sewer and where they are located.


Do you have plans already drawn?

Yes, we have over 1,800 house plans in cad format.  We may already have what you need.  Let us know what style of home, square footage wanted and room requirements.  These plans can also be revised to reflect your wants and needs.  An addition plan requires us to develop your plan around numerous existing conditions specific to your house.


What can I expect working with your design firm?

One can expect a level of professionalism and first hand knowledge that only comes from years of design experience.  The practice of design is built layer upon layer – it is a hands on knowledge base that comes from working with hundreds of different projects, clients and possibilities. You can expect careful listening, and design guidance based on mutual trust in a vision.


What are the phases of a typical project and the services provided during those phases?

The first phase of a typical project is the Schematic Design phase. You need to establish a budget, and we need to work on a mutually desirable design concept. During the Design Development phase we get specific with regard to the design.  The floor plans and elevations become more firmly established. This is the stage where ideas and personal preferences are incorporated into the design. Once the floor plan and elevations are complete we can continue.  Other considerations include: square footage, room sizes, windows, doors, stairs and the placement of them all. Revisions are a large part of the process during the Design Development phase.  Once we have a mutually desirable design plan -a signature is required on the design to proceed to the final phase the Contract Drawings phase.  All revisions to the design during the Contract Drawings construction documents phase will be considered additional revision hours and will be billed at the current hourly rate.

A  contractor, builder, or estimator before proceeding to the actual printing of blueprints can review the plans in an 11 x 17 format.  The information and estimates received from contractors help determine or verify your projects budget


How long will it take to receive final plans?

Generally speaking, final documents are completed within a six to eight week time frame. There are situations that can slow down the process.  The ability and rapidity of our communication connection plays a role in completing plans.  In addition, having to obtain a variance or revisions within the contract drawing phase can add time.

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