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R405.1 Scope. 
This section establishes criteria for compliance using simulated energy performance analysis. Such analysis shall include heating, cooling, and service water heating energy only. 

R405.2 Mandatory requirements. 
Compliance with this section requires that the mandatory provisions identified in Section R401.2 be met. All supply and return ducts not completely inside the building thermal envelope shall be insulated to a minimum of R-6. 

R405.3 Performance-based compliance. 
Compliance based on simulated energy performance requires that a proposed residence (proposed design) be shown to have an annual energy cost that is less than or equal to the annual energy cost of the standard reference design. Energy prices shall be taken from a source approved by the code official, such as the Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration’s State Energy Price and Expenditure Report. Code officials shall be permitted to require time-of-use pricing in energy cost calculations. 

Exception: The energy use based on source energy expressed in Btu or Btu per square foot of conditioned floor area shall be permitted to be substituted for the energy cost. The source energy multiplier for electricity shall be 3.16. The source energy multiplier for fuels other than electricity shall be 1.1. 

R405.4 Documentation. 
Documentation of the software used for the performance design and the parameters for the building shall be in accordance with Sections R405.4.1 through R405.4.3. 

R405.4.1 Compliance software tools. 
Documentation verifying that the methods and accuracy of the compliance software tools conform to the provisions of this section shall be provided to the code official.

R405.4.2 Compliance report. 
Compliance software tools shall generate a report that documents that the proposed design complies with Section R405.3. The compliance documentation shall include the following information:

1. Address or other identification of the residence;

2. An inspection checklist documenting the building component characteristics of the proposed design as listed in Table R405.5.2(1). The inspection checklist shall show results for both the standard reference design and the proposed design, and shall document all inputs entered by the user necessary to reproduce the results;

3. Name of individual completing the compliance report; and

4. Name and version of the compliance software tool. 

Exception: Multiple orientations. When an otherwise identical building model is offered in multiple orientations, compliance for any orientation shall be permitted by documenting that the building meets the performance requirements in each of the four cardinal (north, east, south and west) orientations.

R405.4.3 Additional documentation. 
The code official shall be permitted to require the following documents:

1. Documentation of the building component characteristics of the standard reference design.

2. A certification signed by the builder providing the building component characteristics of the proposed design as given in Table R405.5.2(1).

3. Documentation of the actual values used in the software calculations for the proposed design.

R405.5 Calculation procedure. 
Calculations of the performance design shall be in accordance with Sections R405.5.1 and R405.5.2. 

R405.5.1 General. 
Except as specified by this section, the standard reference design and proposed design shall be configured and analyzed using identical methods and techniques.

R405.5.2 Residence specifications. 
The standard reference design and proposed design shall be configured and analyzed as specified by Table R405.5.2(1). Table R405.5.2(1) shall include by reference all notes contained in Table R402.1.1. 


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